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Lent is a season of spiritual preparation for Easter. It is usually a time of reflection on the temptations and sufferings of Christ. Many people take Lent as a time of fasting and repentance in order to be ready to fully embrace the joy and celebration of Easter.



A New Book for Lent

What can I do if my life seems stagnant? 

This book is the outcome of a long journey of trying to figure out what process could lead to growth for people who have been following Christ for a while. 

In writing this I spent time going back to all of the valuable times of learning. I wrote this book in the hope that  individuals or groups that are looking for a Lenten study would find this to be a helpful guide for going deeper in their faith. It is a tool to guide individuals or groups through this season of preparation. It will challenge them to intentionally enter into a concentrated season of growth. Weekly readings, Bible study, and questions for reflection will guide them as they choose one area of life to be transformed by a daily spiritual practice.

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