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A Sample From the Book

All too often life seems like a roller coaster. It can be thrilling, or even scary, with wild twists and turns, but at the end you are back at the same place you started. We all seem to carry around inside of ourselves a certain kind of death–destructive habits, impenetrable barriers, debilitating tendencies, or flaws in how we relate to those around us. These things make some relationships seem impossible and get in the way of how we relate to God. And yet what we really want is life at it fullest. We want to be free. We want to be strong and wise. We want to contribute to the beauty of life on this planet. We want to be close to our Creator, hiding nothing from his watchful care. It is like the picture on the cover of this book. Imagine yourself on the shore of a beautiful ocean or lake. The weather is perfect and the gentle waves assure you that the boat would be gently cradled on calm waters if you took it out. But the boat is sunk and grounded. No oars are in sight. A mooring line holds the boat in place. If you are going to launch that boat you will need to do some work. The same is true of the spiritual life of most people. We want a closer relationship with God. We wish we were more effective for his kingdom. We want more peaceful and intimate relationships with our closest friends and family. We want to be free of debilitating habits. We want to be done with anxiety and fear. What must be done to make those things happen?